Mogul Tournament Platform

What is Mogul?

Mogul is the world’s best esports tournament platform offering not only full tournament automation but also state-of-the-art esports empowering social features.

Mogul’s top-class technology stack brings together esports organisers, professional players and fans with ease. Using a game developer’s API for integration, tournaments can be custom designed for the organizer's needs. This deep integration on the platform provides gamers with the best user experience possible, while esports enthusiasts can follow streamers and elite esports results from around the globe. deeply integrates with game title APIs and rich features provide gamers with the best user experience, including:

  • Automated Gameplay Experience
  • Multiple Tournament Modes
  • Friendly Esports Communities
  • Lifetime Player Stats
  • Achievements, Ranks & Rewards
  • Match Reminder Notifications
  • Easy Tournament Admin

Mogul is deeply integrated with and currently provides fully automated tournaments for CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends, but can easily be integrated with any game title APIs to efficiently turn any game into a competitive esport.

    Mogul Features

    Alongside the tournament platform, boasts a range of esports empowering features that allows us to stay current and tap into niche gaming markets. These features include:

    • Esports Elite – a voting and streaming feature for knowledgable esports enthusiasts. 
    • The Mogul App – an unparalleled mobile app, coming to the Google Play store soon! 
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