Mogul Teams Up With Melbourne Melee for LANs

    Mogul and Melbourne Melee partner for LAN esports tournaments.

    Press Release
    1 April 2019

    Mogul Teams Up With Melbourne Melee to Kick Off LAN Tournaments

    Mogul, a market-leading esports tournament platform, has today announced its partnership with esports organising body, Melbourne Melee Inc., as they prepare to launch local LAN tournaments and brand new online events.

    Just last week, Mogul announced details of its partnership with Legacy Esports and have now strengthened the popular tournament platform’s offerings further by adding Melbourne Melee to its list of strategic partners.

    As part of the first Fighting Gaming Community (FGC) LAN events to be hosted on Mogul, competitors can compete on the market-tested tournament platform for cash prize pools. Players within Melbourne Melee’s community will also have the opportunity to compete in partner-branded tournaments, as well as native Mogul tournaments with cash prizes on the line for winners, serving as qualifiers into national and international finals.

    Melbourne Melee will transition from a global competitor platform to the Mogul’s best-in-class and widely used technology in preparation for LAN community tournaments.

    Melbourne Melee President, Cailan Kingsbury, said, “This partnership allows us to bring our community together on a platform that offers them a better experience, more access to events and exposure to the broader esports and gaming community. We look forward to growing with the Mogul team.”

    This is Mogul’s first official partnership with an organising body to support grassroots activity in FGCs and the two parties will collaborate on activities to support online community engagement and expansion into the Australian market.

    Melbourne Melee is Melbourne's premiere competitive Super Smash Bros. community who facilitate tournaments, meetups, LAN events (local area network) and streams for Super Smash Bros and other fighting game communities, with up to 15,000 concurrent viewers on the LAN event broadcasts.

    Mogul’s Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, Jamie Skella, is excited to welcome Melbourne Melee to Mogul.

    “This is one of many future partnerships of this kind which gives us the opportunity to support grassroots through state-of-art tournament technology which is already in-market, a superior user experience, and a mutually beneficial financial model. This gives organisers like Melbourne Melee the opportunity to do bigger and better things for their community as they continue to grow with Mogul.”

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    About Mogul  

    Mogul is an ASX listed (ASX: ESH) esports media and software business, with an initial focus on Australia, Asia and Latin America. At its core is Mogul – the world’s best tournament and matchmaking platform with full automation for major esports titles.

    Esports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to Newzoo, it’s estimated that in 2018 there were 2.3 billion gamers across all platforms globally, and the global games market was estimated to be worth over US$137.9 billion.

    About the Mogul Tournament Platform Technology

    Mogul is proud to be the world’s best online esports tournament platform offering not only full tournament automation but also state of the art esports empowering social features. Given strong game-publisher relationships, Mogul is already deeply integrated with the leading global esports titles, and is the only platform that allows completely automated tournament play and results across multiple games.  

    The top-class technology stack enables esports fans to compete and organise tournaments with ease. Esports enthusiasts can also follow streamers and elite esports results from around the globe. The platform deeply integrates with game title APIs (application programming interface) and rich features to provide gamers with the best user experience possible, including:

    • Automated gameplay experience
    • Multiple tournament modes
    • Friendly esports communities
    • Lifetime player statistics
    • Achievements, ranks and rewards
    • Match reminder notifications
    • Easy tournament administrative access.

    Mogul can also provide semi-automated brackets for any game including mobile (e.g. Vainglory) and console (e.g. NBA 2k) titles for strategic partners and brands.

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