Mogul Launches Oceanic Tournament Series

    Mogul launches their first Oceanic multi-game tournament series, Mogul Circuit.

    Press Release
    11 July 2019

    Mogul Launches Inaugural Oceanic Multi-Game Tournament Series

    Mogul, the world’s most advanced tournament and matchmaking platform, has today opened registrations for their first Oceanic multi-game tournament series, Mogul Circuit.

    Launching next Monday 15 July, the online esports tournament, Mogul Circuit, is a cash prize tournament open to everyone – casual gamers through to professionals.

    Mogul Circuit will run for four weeks boasting five of the most popular esports titles across various platforms – Fortnite (all platforms), Dota 2 (PC), Rainbow 6: Siege (PC), Tekken 7 (PS4) and Call of Duty (PS4). There are 1v1 and 5v5 team tournaments to compete in.

    Four free-to-play tournaments for each game title will run every weeknight with Razer Silver up for grabs, as well as one ‘Winner Takes All’ tournament with cash prize winnings.

    On the weekends, the stakes are raised for VIP-entry tournaments with larger cash prizes on the line for victors. But the prizes don’t stop there – at the end of the month, 16 teams from each game title will battle it out in the grand final where the ultimate prizes will be won and the ANZ Mogul Circuit champion crowned across each game title.

    If you think you have what it takes to be the Mogul Circuit champion, register now at:

    Rainbow 6: Siege:

    Tekken 7:

    Call of Duty:

    Dota 2:


    Fortnite Winner Takes All:

    Mogul’s Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, Jamie Skella, is pleased to offer yet another tournament series that pushes the envelope in esports.

    “This is Mogul’s first cash prize multi-game title tournament series for anyone and everyone in Oceania to compete in. Utilising market-leading platform functionality, we’re able to run a region-spanning multi-game series with unprecedented administrative efficiencies and automatic prize distribution for players. We look forward to continuing to support grassroots on a journey from casual to amateur and amateur to competitive at Mogul – with players locally now, and around the world very soon.”

    Mogul Circuit follows the successful completion of Mogul’s Australian Apex Open last month, where over 3,800 Apex Legends games were played and more than 30,000 hours of Mogul related content was streamed via Twitch.

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    For further information, please contact:

    Phoebe McCreath

    Communications Manager

    T: +64 272 381 652

    About Mogul

    Esports Mogul Limited (ASX: ESH) ( Mogul or the Company ) is an ASX listed esports media and software business. Mogul owns and operates the tournament platform technology – the world’s best and most advanced tournament and matchmaking platform with automation for major esports titles, including in platform chat functionality.

    Having secured strong game-publisher relationships, is already deeply integrated with the leading global esports titles and is the only platform that allows completely automated tournament play and results across multiple games.

    Mogul’s top-class technology stack enables esports fans to compete and organise tournaments with ease. The platform deeply integrates with game title APIs (application programming interface), offering rich features, providing gamers with the best user experience possible, and organisers with a unique and seamless way of hosting and marketing esports tournaments with features including:

    • Automated gameplay experience

    • Multiple tournament modes

    • Friendly esports communities

    • Lifetime player statistics

    • Achievements, ranks and rewards

    • Match reminder notifications

    • Easy tournament administrative access

    • Automated prize pool payouts. 

    In addition to online PC games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Starcraft II, and PUBG, Mogul can also provide semi-automated brackets for any game including mobile (e.g. Vainglory) and console (e.g. NBA 2K) titles for strategic partners and brands.

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