Managing Director’s February Blog – Silver Slam

    Esports Mogul Managing Director, Gernot Abl

    Let's dive into Silver Slam and the new Mogul game titles...

    Is it just me or has the saying “blink and you’ll miss it” rung true this month?

    January seemed to speed by – which means it was either full of fun or packed with work. Either way, we’re well into February now, and it’s time for another instalment of my monthly blog.

    The latter was true for Esports Mogul as January was well and truly full of major milestones. We not only integrated with additional PC, mobile and console game titles but we launched our inaugural tournament Silver Slam and reached a whopping 1 million users on Mogul. Then yesterday, a mere 11 days after that major announcement, we climbed the user-ladder again to hit 1.5 million registered users across all Mogul service offerings!

    From a business perspective, there were many reasons why we decided to run such a major tournament series like Silver Slam, and a few I’d like to highlight here. Ultimately, Silver Slam is all about collecting data points and investigating what our users like so we can cater to our customers in the long term. 

    Platform Capabilities

    Part of launching Silver Slam was to prove that Mogul has the capability to host a month-long tournament series with many daily tournaments and a range of game titles running simultaneously. Not only do we have the technology and team to support such a feat, but we are pleased to say we also have the user-numbers to fill these tournaments each day.

    What’s interesting though, is the data we’re collecting around the tournament types and structures our users gravitate to. In the first week, we’ve found 1v1 tournaments where players can take matters into their own hands to be vastly more popular than teaming up for 3v3 or 5v5 events. This data will help guide our future product and feature developments to ensure we can satisfy all kinds of users.

    Partners and Organisers

    Silver Slam has also allowed Mogul to forge ongoing relationships with major partners in the Southeast Asian region and worldwide. Our partners such as Thunder Media, The Plays, Rumble Royale, Ragequit Esports Solutions, NEX Esport, Channel 8 and Lakoi all have a large following and strong presence in the esports industry to help promote and position Mogul as the go-to platform for competitive tournaments.

    The benefits of working with these partners are already evident as we have boosted our user acquisition by 50% since this activation and we are able to quickly form contacts to help with exciting new ideas – such as The Plays working with us on Apex Legends (but, more on that later!).

    Game Titles

    Lastly, the integration and support of new game titles was something we’ve wanted to implement for a while, and a decision that we didn’t take lightly. In fact, the move to integrate PC, mobile and console titles all at once and in time for the launch of Silver Slam was to show the vast range of games Mogul can support, as well as the detailed and concurrent tournament types – just in time for ONE eSports and the SEA Games, perhaps?

    We are, of course, looking to broaden the number of game titles offered on Mogul permanently, and Silver Slam allows us to collect data points for which games are popular in SEA. So far in the first week alone, we have seen a tremendous response around PES, NBA 2k19 and Mobile Legends especially. Again, this data will help guide and shape the future developments of Mogul.

    But as the esports landscape is ever-changing, there’s a new game in town! In case you haven’t heard, Apex Legends is a new battle royale game available on Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and it’s giving the top titles a run for their money. With over 10 million players in the first 72 hours, it’s been quick to take out the top spot as the most watched-game on Twitch. So, we’re reacting in the best way we know how… by integrating with Apex Legends as soon as possible and including them as a late starter in the Silver Slam tournament series.

    Not only have we created a platform that’s easily adaptable to new content, but we are dedicated gamers ourselves, able to quickly react to the esports scene to bring our audience exactly what they want.

    This is definitely a busy and exciting month for Esports Mogul and I look forward to updating you next month on the outcomes of Silver Slam! Here’s to a promising February, and please reach out with any questions you may have.

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